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Release 2.0
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Homo sapiens 49_36k (longest transcript per gene)
Taxonomy: Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia; Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae; Homo
source (downloaded: 2008-03-21)

The longest transcript per gene genomes use the longest transcript as the single representative protein for each gene.

Each predicted transcription factor is displayed with its SUPERFAMILY (SF) as well as PFAM (PF) architecture.
The domain architectures are represented as colored rectangles and oblongs on a black line corresponding to the polypeptide chain.
The oblongs represent DNA-binding domains, and the rectangles represent domains with other functions.
The numbers inside the SF rectangles represent the SF database identifier for that protein superfamily, and are linked to a detailed description.
The PFAM identifiers inside the boxes are also linked to detailed descriptions of the family.
The long family name can be viewed by holding the mouse over a colored rectangle.
All the domains belonging to one family have the same colored rectangle.
Colors are reused for different families, so that two different families can be represented by the same color.

The sequence ID links provide more detailed results for each predicted transcription factor.
External links are also provided, when available.
Common gene names are provided for the model organisms: Bacillus subtilis, Caenorhabditis elegans, Drosophila melanogaster, Escherichia coli, Homo sapiens, Mus musculus, Saccharomyces cerevisiae. and Salmonella typhimurium LT2.

The full repertoire of transcription factors may be distributed across several pages of results.
These can be accessed by clicking on the individual page numbers, or downloading the entire set of results from the Download section.

Details Genome DB Domain architecture
ENSP00000368805 External link ht SF
  ht PF
ENSP00000259803 External link ht SF
Gene name: GCM1  ht PF
ENSP00000319651 External link ht SF
Gene name: DMRTA1  ht PF
ENSP00000305785 External link ht SF
  ht PF
ENSP00000360500 External link ht SF
  ht PF
ENSP00000190165 External link ht SF
Gene name: DMRT3  ht PF
ENSP00000269945 External link ht SF
  ht PF
ENSP00000371711 External link ht SF
  ht PF
ENSP00000264808 External link ht SF
Gene name: PRDM5  ht PF
ENSP00000261364 External link ht SF
Gene name: PRDM6  ht PF
ENSP00000253008 External link ht SF
Gene name: PRDM12  ht PF
ENSP00000264596 External link ht SF
Gene name: NEIL3  ht PF
ENSP00000291582 External link ht SF
  ht PF
ENSP00000258381 External link ht SF
  ht PF
ENSP00000181092 External link ht SF
  ht PF
ENSP00000243810 External link ht SF
  ht PF
ENSP00000343023 External link ht SF
Gene name: SP100  ht PF
ENSP00000266068 External link ht SF
Gene name: GMEB2  ht PF
ENSP00000371846 External link ht SF
  ht PF
ENSP00000294409 External link ht SF
  ht PF
ENSP00000284898 External link ht SF
Gene name: L3MBTL4  ht PF
ENSP00000354526 External link ht SF
Gene name: L3MBTL3  ht PF
ENSP00000362227 External link ht SF
  ht PF
ENSP00000363124 External link ht SF
  ht PF
ENSP00000371502 External link ht SF
  ht PF
ENSP00000263253 External link ht SF
Gene name: EP300  ht PF
ENSP00000307208 External link ht SF
  ht PF
ENSP00000252268 External link ht SF
Gene name: DPF2  ht PF
ENSP00000368856 External link ht SF
  ht PF
ENSP00000262161 External link ht SF
  ht PF
ENSP00000249636 External link ht SF
Gene name: PIAS1  ht PF
ENSP00000323348 External link ht SF
Gene name: ZNF645  ht PF
ENSP00000262971 External link ht SF
Gene name: PIAS4  ht PF
ENSP00000358305 External link ht SF
  ht PF
ENSP00000337969 External link ht SF
Gene name: LHX9  ht PF
ENSP00000294638 External link ht SF
  ht PF
ENSP00000362861 External link ht SF
  ht PF
ENSP00000360811 External link ht SF
  ht PF
ENSP00000294816 External link ht SF
Gene name: LMX1A  ht PF
ENSP00000261731 External link ht SF
Gene name: LHX5  ht PF
ENSP00000254457 External link ht SF
Gene name: LHX1  ht PF
ENSP00000263726 External link ht SF
Gene name: LHX4  ht PF
ENSP00000362717 External link ht SF
  ht PF
ENSP00000362573 External link ht SF
  ht PF
ENSP00000334458 External link ht SF
  ht PF
ENSP00000365858 External link ht SF
  ht PF
ENSP00000269216 External link ht SF
Gene name: GATA6  ht PF
ENSP00000345681 External link ht SF
Gene name: GATA2  ht PF
ENSP00000252997 External link ht SF
Gene name: GATA5  ht PF
ENSP00000368632 External link ht SF
  ht PF