DBD: Transcription factor prediction database

Release 2.0
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Binding category: DBD. Domain search: SRF-like.

Each predicted transcription factor is displayed with its SUPERFAMILY (SF) as well as PFAM (PF) architecture.
The domain architectures are represented as colored rectangles and oblongs on a black line corresponding to the polypeptide chain.
The oblongs represent DNA-binding domains, and the rectangles represent domains with other functions.
The numbers inside the SF rectangles represent the SF database identifier for that protein superfamily, and are linked to a description.
The PFAM identifiers inside the boxes are also linked to descriptions of the family.
All the domains belonging to one family have the same colored rectangle.
Colors are reused for different families, so that two different families can be represented by the same color.

The full repertoire of transcription factors may be distributed across several pages of results.
These can be accessed by clicking on the individual page numbers, or downloading the entire set of results from the Download section.

Details Genome DB Domain architecture
ENSOPRP00000002303 External link oq SF
  oq PF
Gm0006x10173 yg SF
  yg PF No hits
jgi|Picst3|67950|estExt_fgenesh1_pg.C_chr_5.10604 External link ip SF
  ip PF
30190.m010925 External link rk SF
  rk PF
LELG_05544 ly SF
  ly PF
ENSOGAP00000014543 External link ob SF
  ob PF
ENSGACP00000004953 External link gc SF
  gc PF
GSTENP00004148001 External link tn SF
  tn PF
CPAG_03930 ik SF
  ik PF
Gm0006x00195 yg SF
  yg PF No hits
ENSTRUP00000044937 External link to SF
  to PF
AGAP007608-PA External link ah SF
  ah PF
ENSORLP00000016334 External link ol SF
  ol PF
ENSFCAP00000009000 External link fe SF
  fe PF
gi|156119447|ref|NP_001095218| External link xl SF
  xl PF
268.m00028 External link hy SF
  hy PF
jgi|Poptr1_1|770139|fgenesh4_pg.C_LG_X001629 External link pt SF
  pt PF
ENSMICP00000007582 External link io SF
  io PF
gi|134877|sp|P23790| External link xl SF
  xl PF
DDB0220492 External link dt SF
  dt PF
jgi|Lotgi1|59850|gw1.12.67.1 External link gy SF
  gy PF
AGAP007608-PA External link ag SF
  ag PF
ENSDNOP00000010969 External link d6 SF
  d6 PF
ENSECAP00000007106 External link e5 SF
  e5 PF
evm.TU.contig_35890.1 r6 SF
  r6 PF No hits
AGAP010512-PA External link ah SF
  ah PF
ENSGACP00000004953 External link g1 SF
  g1 PF
GSTENP00004148001 External link t1 SF
  t1 PF
Gm0025x10127 yg SF
  yg PF
ENSPTRP00000031085 External link xq SF
  xq PF
ENSXETP00000040076 External link xn SF
  xn PF
jgi|Sorbi1|5034565|Sb02g037430 External link oj SF
  oj PF
ENSMODP00000023686 External link oo SF
  oo PF
CLUG_04436 iu SF
  iu PF
jgi|Trive1|8249|gw1.14.266.1 External link nj SF
  nj PF
ENSRNOP00000058149 External link ro SF
  ro PF
ENSORLP00000016334 External link o1 SF
  o1 PF
ENSDARP00000070514 External link df SF
  df PF
ENSBTAP00000016981 External link bv SF
  bv PF
ENSMUSP00000015749 External link mm SF
Gene name: Srf  mm PF
ENSMUSP00000015749 External link mh SF
Gene name: Srf  mh PF
CAWG_05447 iw SF
  iw PF
ENSDARP00000090012 External link df SF
  df PF
jgi|Poptr1_1|756379|fgenesh4_pg.C_LG_II002559 External link pt SF
  pt PF
AAEL010926-PA External link a4 SF
  a4 PF
evm.TU.supercontig_185.7 r6 SF
  r6 PF
CHG06470.1 hg SF
  hg PF
FBpp0275796 External link do SF
  do PF
AT5G49420.1 External link ad SF
  ad PF
ENSP00000265354 External link ht SF
Gene name: SRF  ht PF