DBD: Transcription factor prediction database

Release 2.0
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Binding category: DBD. Domain search: C2H2 and C2HC zinc fingers.

Each predicted transcription factor is displayed with its SUPERFAMILY (SF) as well as PFAM (PF) architecture.
The domain architectures are represented as colored rectangles and oblongs on a black line corresponding to the polypeptide chain.
The oblongs represent DNA-binding domains, and the rectangles represent domains with other functions.
The numbers inside the SF rectangles represent the SF database identifier for that protein superfamily, and are linked to a description.
The PFAM identifiers inside the boxes are also linked to descriptions of the family.
All the domains belonging to one family have the same colored rectangle.
Colors are reused for different families, so that two different families can be represented by the same color.

The full repertoire of transcription factors may be distributed across several pages of results.
These can be accessed by clicking on the individual page numbers, or downloading the entire set of results from the Download section.

Details Genome DB Domain architecture
FBpp0207337 External link dz SF
  dz PF
CG8573-PA External link dn SF
Gene name: su(Hw)  dn PF
FBpp0082405 External link dd SF
  dd PF
FBpp0082404 External link de SF
  de PF
FBpp0271468 External link dy SF
  dy PF
FBpp0082404 External link dm SF
  dm PF
FBpp0139921 External link ge SF
  ge PF
FBpp0082404 External link dd SF
  dd PF
FBpp0240890 External link gw SF
  gw PF
FBpp0082405 External link dm SF
  dm PF
A7TM66|A7TM66_VANPO External link vw SF
  vw PF
29153.m000482 hz SF
  hz PF
29141.m001163 hz SF
  hz PF
FBpp0162352 External link dx SF
  dx PF
jgi|Pospl1|104111|fgenesh3_pg.353__4 External link ia SF
  ia PF
jgi|Pospl1|105940|fgenesh3_pg.59__14 External link ia SF
  ia PF
gnl|GLV|YALI0E17215g External link yl SF
  yl PF
FBpp0228299 External link du SF
  du PF
UREG_02242.1 ur SF
  ur PF No hits
ENSXETP00000025619 External link xn SF
  xn PF
ENSXETP00000025619 External link xk SF
  xk PF
ENSMMUP00000025341 External link ru SF
  ru PF
ENSMMUP00000025341 External link r2 SF
  r2 PF
ENSMMUP00000001244 External link ru SF
  ru PF
ENSPTRP00000048470 External link xq SF
  xq PF
ENSPPYP00000011718 External link o5 SF
  o5 PF
ENSPTRP00000048470 External link xp SF
  xp PF
ENSPPYP00000011718 External link of SF
  of PF
ENSP00000365414 External link hs SF
  hs PF
ENSMMUP00000001244 External link r2 SF
  r2 PF
ENSP00000365414 External link ht SF
  ht PF
ENSMICP00000010248 External link io SF
  io PF
ENSMICP00000010248 External link i2 SF
  i2 PF
ENSMODP00000030636 External link op SF
  op PF
ENSMODP00000029828 External link op SF
  op PF
ENSSARP00000000370 External link xb SF
  xb PF
ENSSARP00000000370 External link xr SF
  xr PF
ENSPTRP00000019874 External link xq SF
  xq PF
ENSP00000322545 External link ht SF
Gene name: ZNF543  ht PF
ENSP00000375587 External link hs SF
  hs PF
ENSLAFP00000005869 External link l1 SF
  l1 PF
ENSLAFP00000005869 External link lk SF
  lk PF
ENSP00000322545 External link hs SF
Gene name: ZNF543  hs PF
ENSPTRP00000019874 External link xp SF
  xp PF
ENSDNOP00000001792 External link d6 SF
  d6 PF
ENSPPYP00000011721 External link o5 SF
  o5 PF
ENSDNOP00000001792 External link d5 SF
  d5 PF
ENSPPYP00000011721 External link of SF
  of PF