DBD: Transcription factor prediction database

Release 2.0
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Binding category: DBD. Domain search: SGT1 protein.

Each predicted transcription factor is displayed with its SUPERFAMILY (SF) as well as PFAM (PF) architecture.
The domain architectures are represented as colored rectangles and oblongs on a black line corresponding to the polypeptide chain.
The oblongs represent DNA-binding domains, and the rectangles represent domains with other functions.
The numbers inside the SF rectangles represent the SF database identifier for that protein superfamily, and are linked to a description.
The PFAM identifiers inside the boxes are also linked to descriptions of the family.
All the domains belonging to one family have the same colored rectangle.
Colors are reused for different families, so that two different families can be represented by the same color.

The full repertoire of transcription factors may be distributed across several pages of results.
These can be accessed by clicking on the individual page numbers, or downloading the entire set of results from the Download section.

Details Genome DB Domain architecture
jgi|Pospl1|129354|estExt_fgenesh3_pg.C_770053 External link ia SF
  ia PF
GLEAN_03317 External link tj SF
  tj PF
jgi|Phypa1_1|121924|e_gw1.38.160.1 External link pw SF No hits
  pw PF
CIHG_08119 i3 SF No hits
  i3 PF
ENSMUSP00000022344 External link mm SF No hits
Gene name: 5730461K03Rik  mm PF
jgi|Dappu1|219748|estExt_Genewise1.C_8120001 External link d7 SF No hits
  d7 PF
jgi|CocheC5_1|113541|estExt_Genewise1Plus.C_260011 External link wc SF No hits
  wc PF
UREG_06839.1 ur SF No hits
  ur PF
gi|115744126|ref|XP_786801.2| External link tu SF No hits
  tu PF
ENSLAFP00000003975 External link l1 SF No hits
  l1 PF
GSTENP00031568001 External link t1 SF No hits
  t1 PF
ENSDNOP00000007231 External link d6 SF No hits
  d6 PF
PTRG_03173 t4 SF No hits
  t4 PF
FBpp0241662 External link gw SF No hits
  gw PF
jgi|Emihu1|360624|fgenesh_newKGs_kg.99__41__jgi|JGI_CAHS2168.fwd| External link ex SF No hits
  ex PF
F19C6.2b External link ce SF No hits
Gene name: CE23675  ce PF
GSVIVP00004251001 vt SF No hits
  vt PF
CC1G_04393.1 or SF No hits
  or PF
ENSSTOP00000001894 External link gb SF No hits
  gb PF
ENSMUSP00000022344 External link mh SF No hits
Gene name: 5730461K03Rik  mh PF
AFL2G_01220 gq SF No hits
  gq PF
AAEL008906-PA External link ax SF No hits
  ax PF
FBpp0274030 External link do SF No hits
  do PF
jgi|Poptr1_1|790551|fgenesh4_pg.C_scaffold_1315000001 External link pt SF No hits
  pt PF
ENSAPMP00000000894 External link ai SF No hits
  ai PF
ENSPTRP00000004553 External link xq SF No hits
  xq PF
jgi|Sorbi1|5058800|Sb07g021990 External link oj SF No hits
  oj PF
F19C6.2a External link cl SF No hits
Gene name: CE03231  cl PF
jgi|Monbr1|33665|estExt_fgenesh2_pg.C_220114 External link ov SF No hits
  ov PF
BC1G_11352 b7 SF No hits
  b7 PF
(NCU02401.2) External link ns SF No hits
  ns PF
ENSFCAP00000007878 External link fe SF No hits
  fe PF
ENSPTRP00000050648 External link xp SF No hits
  xp PF
jgi|Mycfi1|44941|e_gw1.29.248.1 External link ym SF No hits
  ym PF
F19C6.2b External link cl SF No hits
Gene name: CE23675  cl PF
Afu3g09380 External link ao SF No hits
  ao PF
FBpp0072781 External link dd SF No hits
  dd PF
ENSGALP00000004223 External link gh SF No hits
  gh PF
FBpp0211802 External link dw SF No hits
  dw PF
FBpp0133069 External link ge SF No hits
  ge PF
GSTENP00031568001 External link tn SF No hits
  tn PF
jgi|Lotgi1|145160|e_gw1.293.1.1 External link gy SF No hits
  gy PF
ENSOPRP00000000946 External link oq SF No hits
  oq PF
ENSCPOP00000003996 External link g2 SF No hits
  g2 PF
ENSFCAP00000007878 External link f1 SF No hits
  f1 PF
ENSAPMP00000000894 External link aj SF No hits
  aj PF
jgi|Phybl1|37519|estExt_Genewise1Plus.C_50353 External link hn SF No hits
  hn PF
F19C6.2a External link cz SF No hits
Gene name: CE03231  cz PF
jgi|Batde5|21824|fgenesh1_pg.C_scaffold_1000697 External link b9 SF No hits
  b9 PF
CNAG_02698.1 n2 SF No hits
  n2 PF